Refinishing Process


Refinishing the furniture we import from Denmark is the most important facet of our business.

With each shipment we receive from Denmark, we list our entire selection of new inventory, straight out of the shipping container, to the website BEFORE it is refinished.

Don’t worry if the furniture does not look outstanding in the pre-refinished photos on the website!

We have dealt with thousands of pieces of Danish Modern furniture since starting the business in 2013, and every single piece has gone through our time-tested refinishing process.

You will be happy with the end product, and we will send you photos of the refinished piece before delivery/shipping so you know exactly what you will be receiving.

Every piece in our inventory is given a full inspection and refurbish, and ultimately delivered to the customer in the same condition we would want the piece to stand in our own home. And we do furnish our home with furniture from the same shipments we offer to our customers, and it goes through the same exact refinishing process.


Nearly all the furniture gets a full sanding to remove old finish, minor to moderate surface imperfections, and general build-up from several decades of use. We DO NOT use any chemical stripping products. All of our surface preparation is done with physical abrasives (sandpaper) which does not introduce any harsh chemicals to the wood.

After the sanding stage, we make any repairs that may be necessary. This includes cleaning out and re-gluing any loose joints, repairing veneer chips with real teak wood veneer, ensuring all moving parts function smoothly (such as drawers, cabinets, pull-out desk surfaces, etc.) and many more details that are part of our routine work in the shop.

Finally, we apply multiple coats of our pure linseed oil-based finish to the furniture to re-saturate the wood. Don’t get confused, we DO NOT use boiled linseed oil (which is not actually boiled), or “teak oil” (which has nothing to do with teak wood and is purely a marketing tactic), both of which contain toxic chemical additives, thinners, and/or drying agents. We also do not use any stains in the refinishing process.

The finish we use is a 100% natural blend of polymerized (simply heated) linseed oil and beeswax. That is all the wood needs.

This furniture has been around since the mid 20th century, so some minor wear is to be expected. And if anything stands out to us during our initial inventory intake from the container (sorting, taking photos, measuring), we take close-up photos of the worn areas of the piece, note the wear in the item description, and discount the piece accordingly. However, this is not typical for our inventory.

After the furniture passes through our shop it will function properly and look great for many decades to come, and likely forever.


The furniture should be lightly dusted now and then. The sheen can be preserved with application of a product called Howard Feed N Wax. It can be applied as frequently as you feel necessary, but we use it 3-4 times a year in our home. You simply wipe it on, wait 20 minutes, and wipe away the excess.

Always use coasters, placemats, trivets, etc. Do not drag anything across the wood.
Protect the wood from heat, liquids, and abrasion.

That’s about it! Treat it well and it will last you a lifetime!